The Fall by Kory Russell

Fall Blue and Yellow online.jpg

I created this piece after I came in from raking leaves.  I looked outside and there was this little group of leaves hanging on still.  I thought, "I'm going to look out there in a week and that little group of dead leaves will have fallen in this yard and I'll have to go pick them up."  That night I had a dream similar to this piece, woke up and drew it, as I often do, before 5 in the morning.  

Well, here it is the beginning of April, it has rained like mad here, and we've had some seriously strong winds that have knocked down large limbs from our tree.  I know that one limb had to have hit that little group of leaves when it fell, but that little group is still hanging on there somehow. 

Take from that story what you will, but maybe it could be inspiring to someone.

I created this piece by making a pen and ink  and graphite drawing (see below,) then scanning that in with a very high resolution scanner and coloring it in Photoshop.  This is departure from most of my work, but it is an exciting direction and I'm really interested in seeing what I can do with it.

For a print of this image in full color visit my shop page here.  For additional merchandise with this image, check out my Society 6 page, where you can get anything from a clock to a bath rug.

Stuck in a Tree.jpg

Waiting For The Other Boot by Kory Russell

This was actually the first one I did in this series.  I have not been able to use my hand to draw lately, so I'm hoping that will change soon.  I've realized that if I'm not drawing, I start loosing my creativity; just like anything you don't do on a regular basis.  I am in the process of making these sketches into prints that can be purchased.  As of now

Waiting For The Other Boot Small.jpg

Man and a Bird by Kory Russell

I'm not sure what I was on when this image came to me, but I figured I'd put a man's head on a bird what with all the magic in the air of bearded men flying around, entering your house without permission, and generally being super creepy.  It just felt right. 

I have to admit, that at first I thought it was a very original idea, then I think I remember Grandpa Simpson's head on a bird in one of the Tree House of Horror Simpsons.  So, not super original, but it is a man bird.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year!  May your 2018 be filled with nothing that looks like this.

Man Bird.jpg

Stuck In A Tree by Kory Russell

I started this one at 2 in the morning two nights ago.  I couldn't sleep, had this image I wanted to get down, but forgot everything but the tree.  After filling all of yesterday working on trying to get a safety piece onto a table saw, so I wouldn't loose any more teeth, I finally got the rest of this image down this morning. 

P.S. My wife always makes fun of me because I had to have 7 teeth pulled when I had braces as a child, because, as the doctor put it, I have big horse teeth shoved in a puny little mouth.  There's an image for another day.  

Stuck in a Tree.jpg

Mitosis by Kory Russell

This started by taking a piece of scrap cedar and tracing the breaks in it.  Those turned out to be the characters and the building under the horn.  Everything else was created from somewhere else in my mind.  I drew the blimp and decided it looked a lot like that image of mitosis from my 10th grade biology course, so I drew the other part as well..

I really like drawing strange architecture for some reason.  Maybe it's from that time when we all discovered M.C. Escher in middle school or from Tim Burton.  I've never drawn cartoon like characters so that is a first for me.