About Kory

As a child I always had a talent for drawing but never developed a strong interest in art.  Captivated by the outdoors, I was led to study geology my first 3 years at the university. During a year long hiatus from school, I backpacked across Italy and France, discovering a love for art and a deep interest in how art could be employed to uncover the depths of, and define the human condition.  This carried me to the University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art where I discovered a passion for many art forms and graduated with my BFA .

After graduating, I worked in various creative fields before fighting fire for 8 years and slowly letting my passion for art wane.  In 2016 multiple injuries forced me from firefighting and left me with few options for work. Largely confined in those first months, I began to rediscover my love for art.  I am now creating work feverishly to make up for lost time.

I live in Chattanooga, TN with my wife and our herd of pets.

About the Art

My process, whether I am painting directly from nature or from a world my mind has created, leaves me changed nearly each time I finish a piece.  I start, nearly always, with some particular idea in mind; this piece will be a tree, a landscape, a butcher. Whatever it is, there is a definite, simple idea that starts the process.  However, as I warm up and get more involved in the piece it takes on new philosophical depths.  I often find in myself more unrest than I believed was there originally.  I tend to sympathize with a world I don't understand and gain greater clarity of it, while losing some of myself along the way.

I long for the days when philosophy and art were deeply connected; and art was more about human beings than aesthetics. My work attempts to unite these institutions once again. 

Venice at Night online.jpg

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