Birdbrain Illustrations

Birdbrain started from a necessity (as much of this art endeavor has in general.) This came from no longer having the room to store large canvases in my home. I began to sketch in my sketchbook, scan those images into the computer and color them in photoshop.

I really enjoy the line quality I get from this process while being able to obtain the crisp graphic colors and lines with the computer.

The trend seems to be heading toward a more mid-century modern feel in most of these pieces. I’ve always admired the color palettes of that era, and, in my opinion, there has never been a greater era of design from cars to advertising. I have a very convoluted theory of how suppression of sex in society leads to much better design, but I’ll leave that for a blog later… maybe.

The name birdbrain comes from a number of sources. First, it was a derogatory name for someone who tried to play like Charlie Parker in the 50’s. I would have absolutely been one of those guys.

Secondly, I was thought to be a birdbrain for the first 10 years of my life. I couldn’t remember which way my d’s and b’s went, and my parents thought I was dyslexic. They must have thought I had a multitude of other problems as well because I was tested at some point to see how ignorant I was…turns out it’s just creativity. Who knew?