About Kory and the Art

Long compelled by the simplest of drawings (Harold and the Purple Crayon was my favorite children’s book) I have spent much of my artistic career exploring black and white mediums.  My new body of work is the inverse of this. Instead of scrutinizing the various shades from life and converting colors to black and white, I now take black and white images and convert those shades into colors I prescribe myself.

As someone who has created a reputation by my lack of color, I am now immersed fully in the experience of it.  I use color and tone to manipulate my work: to make one detail leap from the page, to create space between two elements, or to give a sense of gravity or levitation.  With this development I have often employed jest and surrealist elements to increase the imaginative space in my work.

I love old things… from my 17 year old dog to my 51 year old truck, from jazz to boxing; the ingrained narrative of things that have withstood time. I mourn the loss of days when people were straight forward with their words and held to their commitments.  I don’t easily subscribe to much of the conceit infiltrating the modern digital age. I graduated with a degree in art from The University of Georgia, and now live in Chattanooga, TN with my wife and a herd of senior animals. 

Rum Runners Web.jpg

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